Sunday, April 11, 2010

That Time Again

Mayday is not just a celebration of international workers solidarity. It is also a universally recognized signal of distress. In these times of high unemployment, huge wealth and wage disparity and general disregard for unionism, I think it fitting we incorporate both these meanings in this years event.

Saturday May 1 at 12:00 noon Wobblies and other working class members and allies will gather at Kiwanis Park in Missoula (South of the Library, on the river) to enjoy some music by local bands ( to be announced)and some fiery oratory urging direct action now! It is also possible we may get a sighting of Sir Michael Smurfits $70 million dollar yacht as he gallantly sails by.

Join us to celebrate our proud heritage of struggle for control of the wealth WE and WE ALONE create. Learn what you can do to help sink Sir Michaels profit driven boat once and for all.

For more info call Dave at 363 5292