Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We're Back!

I thought the commemoration event came off great. We had good participation, good press and some solid gains in terms of recognition, new members, new collaborations and the promise of an actual monument celebrating some proud Wobbly history. Lots and lots of credit has to go to FW Vicki Watson for her untiring efforts and organizational skills. That is another good reason to do these kinds of events, in my opinion, the capacity it builds in our members to do the actual work of day to day organizing. That means showing up for meetings, returning phone calls, sending out emails, meeting with people from all walks of life in the community and showing them we are reasonable radicals.

Some might wonder at the connection between free speech and labor organizing but I don't think it is too much of a stretch to say building democratic workplaces and a democratic society are linked by the necessity of building a democratic culture. Power is afraid of free speech, it wants weak citizens willing to let others think and speak for them. Actively engaged citizens and a lively discourse are the last things Capital wants to see! Workers who have re-learned how to think and speak will be way harder to keep under the bosses thumb.

Moving forward, we have a new Secretary/Treas. ,Me, troutsky (aka Dave Jones),and hopefully two new delegates, John from N Carolina (sorry I don't remember your last name) and Brent. Casey has volunteered to work on a new, more user-friendly listserve platform and Fig and Dustin agreed to deal with merchandise. I would like to express my appreciation for the incredible job Jay Bostrom has done as interim Sec/ Treas., a job that fell into his lap by de-fault.

Lets all step up this winter and keep momentum and energy level high. Show up at First Friday Free Speech, attend meetings and provide input, make this YOUR GMB. In solidarity, Dave